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Sopatone countertops
Soapstone Countetops

Another natural stone suitable for constructions and interior design and is soapstone. First of all because of the tough and soft time feature. Since the compound is main is talc. Too:

In this way it is easy to handle to carve and perform architectural works. On the other hand the color oscillates grayish white and green.

Diamond Rock Okc suggests this mineral for kitchen countertops as they are suitable for these projects. Since it is not porous and is heat resistant. Therefore do not worry about spots or burns on the surface. Other uses of this stone are also in:
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Bases for showers
  • Stove coverings
  • Masonry...

Another name of soapstone is soap rock. This is because of the talc content the soft stone makes. It also gives a soapy effect when touched. Similarly, seamstresses or carpenters use it to mark measurements. Since they leave a white stripe like chalk when rubbing on surfaces. Then the name soap comes from the tailor.

The best thing is that here in the United States there are deposits of exploitation of this valuable mineral. Therefore you will have in your home or establishment, real architectural jewels made at home.

Endless designs await you along with the best prices. Our natural stone experts will guide you through the selection process. They will also clarify your doubts and listen to your opinions to meet your requirements.

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Soapstone Countertops
Soapstone countertops