Saturday, February 24, 2018

Recommendations and planning

Colors and Styles

When you decide to reform your spaces with stone countertops it is vital to consider some points. In other words, be clear about the information about the product you chose. In this way, fulfill your objective and have the satisfaction you expect.

Therefore Diamond Rock Okc, offers some recommendations that are worth reading:

If you decide granite as a favorite stone remember that it is a natural stone. In other words, it has no other compounds. So know that your color can vary, even at both ends of the same slab. In other words, each granite slab is different. This is because of its natural character and the veins it presents. Then a slab ordered by you may not be identical to that of the sample.

So it is best to go to the store and select the one that is available at the moment to avoid problems. Moreover, someone from our team will be present to help you. Also give the best recommendations and choose the countertop you crave. If you order a special slab, delivery takes longer.

With regard to quartz, this being a mixture between natural stone and pigments offers more designs. However, if your style is classic we do not recommend it. On the other hand it is less heat resistant than 100% natural stones.

Total costs

Our prices are affordable but custom jobs have higher prices. On the one hand customers like a smooth edge pattern of a thickness that we offer. On the other hand they ask for something that fits the designs of their kitchen. So every additional expense of the manufacturer is reason to increase the final cost.

In general, the total cost includes:

  • Transport
  • Measurements
  • cuts
  • polished
  • field templates ...


There are two types of sinks for granite countertops, known as recessed and low mounting. The sinks can be made of stainless steel, composites or other materials. When choosing a sink, it is vitally important to ensure that the sink fits the cabinet in which it is to be mounted. Note that the cabinet should always be wider than the sink, that is, a 30 "sink does not fit in a 30" cabinet. There should also be ample space available for the tap of your choice and any other accessories you can select.

When the customer chooses granite for countertops, there are two sink options available: Built-in and low. The material varies between steel, porcelain and others. But you should keep in mind that it fits with the cabinet where the professional will install it. That is, the sink will be smaller than the cabinet. For example, if the sink is 40 ", the cabinet must be larger.

Sinks available Here ...


If your plan is to install a cooking lid on the countertop check that there is space for this purpose. Even for emergent ventilation.

If the upper part is replacing an existing upper part, notice the differences in thickness of both materials. Any top cabinet that currently rests on the existing top may not reach granite. Then you have to make adjustments. It is vital to consider the thickness of a splash to measure the location of these accessories. If the granite is thicker, the space will be larger.

It is normal to make a template before designing and creating the countertop. Therefore it is necessary that both integrated kitchens and stoves and appliances are in their usual place of operation.

Granite Countertop Installation Considerations

All countertops have a suitable weight for cabinets with frames that are very firm on the wall. In fact, an average weight person exerts more pressure than a countertop.

The manufacturer measures the countertops like any other solid surface. First it makes a standard template. This is why it is vital that cabinets are held in place beforen measurements. He assumes responsibility for a convenient adjustment. Improper installation of kitchen countertops may void the manufacturer's warranties and cause damage to its thin surface or other areas of your kitchen, such as cabinets, drawers, sinks and accessories.

After the measurement, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete the installation. So take precautions during the waiting time to complete the project. If something goes wrong during the manufacturing process, or if the upper part is damaged and must be changed, that time will be longer.

Most countertops require at least one seam. This is because manufacturers sell slabs less than 10 feet long. In general the use of seams reduces costs. In effect these will go in a
sink bowl or L-shaped in a corner.

Seams will always be visible in granite. This is because of the color, design and granularity of the stone. On the one hand the seams in a small, uniform or dark colored grain will not be so noticeable. On the other in large grains or lighter color yes. A dramatic pattern also highlights seams more than a uniform pattern.

Back splash

In general it is of the same granite as that of the countertops, although sometimes of ceramics or other material. In addition, the specialist can attach the back splash to the counter or wall. In any case, the manufacturer caulks the seam between it and the counter. On the other hand the standard size of the back splash is 4 ". But if the client wishes they can be taller.
Sometimes the splashes are behind the sink or kitchen as grease protection.

This will depend on each taste. But it is necessary to indicate it before creating the template.

The granite can be cantilevered up to 14 ". But never be on a cantilever that tempts people to sit or use it as bearing human weight.

It is advisable to add support in any extension of more than 6 ". It is normal a section without support of 36" maximum. Of course, the stone is fastened on both sides of the section.

Edges and overhangs

Experts install almost 100% of counters with 1 "cantilever with original or custom edge. Indeed extra benefits means additional cost. They also fix the sinks in adjoining cabinets, not on the countertop. Otherwise the dishwasher manufacturer has sde special supports.

Keep in mind that perforations at the bottom of the stone can cause cracks. Also discoloration on the surface of the stone.


It is important to anchor the cabinets in what will be their place of operation before making the template. This is for new constructions. Now for remodeling, the manufacturer can remove upper parts before measuring.

In addition you have to place on your site:
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Worktop
  • Other elements that need a cut or hole in the upper part. This is at the time of making the template.

Please note that any delay in the purchase of accessories may also delay installation. In effect the countertop installer will not be responsible for the connection of dishwasher, countertops or plumbing, and they will not be once the installer takes his measurements and makes the template.

All cuts are decisive. When the specialist cuts a piece of granite there is no going back. Also when he sticks the granite in the cabinets it is difficult to move it. If you try to do so you can damage the cabinets.