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Diamond rock countertops okc is a company that renews homes with the installation of great natural stone countertops. Our goal is to create innovative spaces with high-invoice products at affordable prices. In addition, our experience is guaranteed so that customers have what they need in their kitchen, bathroom or pool ...

Diamond Rock countertops Okc, works hard to meet its quality standards as soon as interior design applies. So it offers its services for different countertop installation needs. This is to Oklahoma residences or commercial sites.

The best natural stones will decorate your site and will look modern, elegant with class. Also, we have among others, matte or polished finishes according to your taste in the colors you are looking for.

We manufacture stones in Granite, Quartz, Marble, Glass...

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Quartz countertops Oklahoma | Residential - Commercial rocks okc

Quartz countertops in Oklahoma
Quartz countertops in Oklahoma

Quartz countertops are a favorite by the public at the time of reforming the kitchen or bathroom. This is due to some virtues that differ from granite countertops, its main competitor. For example the variety in designs and colors.

It does not mean that granite does not have attractive designs. But as it is natural stone, it is a bit limited although each sheet is unrepeatable. Now quartz countertops result from an industrial process composed of 95% of the mineral and 5% of pigments. Then this combination allows for more designs and colors. Even imitate natural stones.

Counters of this type also offer texture options for the public to choose:

  • Fine
  • With streaks
  • Fine-grained
  • Coarse-grained

Also available in various formats as:
  • 1.2 cm
  • 2 cm
  • 3 cm
One of the advantages of quartz countertops is that they have 0% porosity. That is, they do not need maintenance before or after installation. So they keep their original shine. On the contrary, granite does require seal and annual maintenance. Therefore they are resistant to:
  • Stains
  • Scratches
  • Hits...

They are also antibacterial and if that were not enough they offer great beauty and aesthetics to the spaces.

What to consider with quartz countertops?

There are minimal details to consider when deciding on quartz countertops. For example the sun with the passage of time affects this material. But not granite countertops. However, the useful life is 30 years.

Another point to keep in mind is that this material is sensitive to high temperatures. That is, it can burn. But it would be very hot.

Although they are resistant, in case of breakage, it is difficult to repair. But due to its strength it is difficult to happen.

In general, there are more advantages than disadvantages. So do not worry that you will have a good product at home that will last for decades.

Who installs Quartz countertops in Oklahoma?

Diamond Rock Okc, is the leading interior and exterior design company in Oklahoma City and neighboring places. We are also specialists in stone work and quartz is not missing from our list.

We offer custom designs with colors and textures that you need. Since we have a talented team with experience your kitchen or bathroom will look fantastic. In other words, we bring your dreams to reality.

We have endless colors to choose the one that looks the most with your style. But if you don't know which color and texture is suitable for you, don't worry. Our experts guide you and determine the perfect combination with the decoration of the place.

You want a really relaxing bathroom. Then we offer high-end countertops where you will have relaxing moments in that intimate space.

A creative space attracts anyone. Therefore we offer our imagination in belas quartz countertops for commercial sites. For example:
In this way your income will be higher because customers will be admired with the aesthetics of the site.

You won't have to worry about spots or bacteria just clean with soap and water and voila ...

Where do we install quartz countertops?

Service areas

  • Oklahoma City
  • Tulsa
  • Lawton ...

Our prices.

By having strategic alliances, we offer promotional prices to our customers. So do not miss the opportunity to give a classic, modern, minimalist touch ... What you prefer at an unbeatable cost.

How to contact us?

We have different communication channels:
  • Contact Form
  • Social networks
  • Phone...

Contact us now and you will engage in our services.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Granite countertops oklahoma | Kitchens - Bathrooms - residential - commercial


Granite Countertop in Oklahoma
Granite Countertop in Oklahoma

In every way, the natural is genuine, unique and difficult to overcome. In this order, when talking about granite countertops is no different. In other words, being a natural stone has virtues that no other material offers. For example the color, texture, streaks.

It is also a very resistant material to:

  • Hot
  • Fire
  • Hits...
Similarly another feature of these surfaces is the versatility in uses. This is that it not only looks good in kitchens or food areas, but also in work areas.

Despite the antiquity, granite is still favorite by many in the interior design. In fact its surfaces give modernity to any space. On the one hand they look good in both urban and rural, classic or contemporary places. Even in industries. On the other hand bathrooms and kitchens are more functional.

It is true that granite is porous. That is, it is a bit sensitive to liquids such as vinegar, wine and other substances. So it is that the new sheets include a special seal that solves the problem.

Diamond Rock Okc, is an expert company in interior design always in favor of innovation. So do work with premium materials. This way do not worry about stains. With us you will have elegant countertops for a lifetime.

We have more than 10 years giving life to spaces in Oklahoma city and surroundings. Our passion and dedication make the result of our work shine with our own light. For this reason we are the consumer favorites...

We have alliances with large producers of natural stone with our own quarries. They also use the latest tools to create products worthy of export. In this way optimize our deliveries.

More than granite countertops ....

If you want to give your space elegance and aesthetics that will last over time nothing better than granite. Due to its virtue of firmness it resists different conditions. Therefore it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors with resounding success. So the most common uses of this gemstone are:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom countertops
  • Floors
  • Stairs
  • Facades
  • Walls
  • Floors ...
As you see a range of options for all needs.

Services we include.

  • Installation
  • Disassembly
  • Repair...

Where do we install granite countertops?

Residences: Kitchens / bathrooms
Restaurants: Kitchens / bar
Industries ...

Service areas

  • Oklahoma City
  • Tulsa
  • Lawton ...

And the prices???

By having strategic alliances, we offer promotional prices to our customers. So do not miss the opportunity to give a touch of elegance to your site at the lowest price.

How to contact us?

We have different communication channels:
  • Contact Form
  • Social networks
  • Phone...

Contact us now and you will fall in love with our work !!!...

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Restaurant countertops oklahoma | Bars - Clubs - Tascas

Restaurant Coutertops Oklahoma
Restaurant Coutertops Oklahoma

The restaurants countertops, bars or nightclubs are vital in the interior design of the place. On the one hand, in the case of restaurants in addition to aesthetics it is an option for customers to eat there. On the other hand in discos or clubs, they are a symbol of modernity, attractiveness and part of the decoration of the place.

There are various styles, shapes and colors of the counters. For example in the form of U, in L or straight, that is at the customer's discretion. There are also different materials for creating them:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Glass
  • Steel...

If you want to renovate a restaurant / disco or buy a new establishment for the same purpose, think of countertops. But if you have no idea to start, don't worry that's what Diamond Rock Okc is for.

We have more than 10 years of experience providing solutions with stunning designs for residences and businesses in Oklahoma. So the restaurant countertops, bars and discos are no exception. In fact our clients are satisfied with our projects because they exceeded all expectations.

The type of material is to suit the client. But our experience allows us to indicate some ideas taking into account:

  • Use
  • Traffic
  • Esthetic...
For example in the case of a restaurant we suggest two different types of countertops. On the one hand for the kitchen area the ideal is a stainless steel countertop. It turns out that they go very well with the purpose and give a corporate touch. They also resist heat and last over time.

On the other hand, many restaurants have a bar for customer service. In the same way they can eat there. So for this case, ideally use granite, quartz or marble.

Restaurant countertops with the best materials.

There are few differences between them. But for a clear idea, we briefly explain the distinction:

Quartz is a good material since it is not porous. It also does not need a seal and has several design patterns. They are also ideal in night environments. That is, the quartz crystals project great visual effects with the lighting system of the place. On the other hand it is very resistant to stains.

Granite is another great option since it has many attractive patterns and colors. The commercial sector even has a good percentage of acceptance. Even if damage occurs, repair is easy. But in contrast to quartz, granite needs a seal. However, by putting it right, it will be suitable for all use for a long time.

Marble is an accent option since it gives life to traditional and modern spaces. It is also porous, which needs special maintenance. But it presents many colors and patterns of

We do not advise for high traffic sites because the durability is less.

Laminate is affordable and features designs that mimic natural stone. In other words, its cost is low. But it requires constant maintenance since it is more sensitive.

The Corian is another material for countertops. In fact it is moldable, here you can say goodbye to the meetings. It also has an epectacular appearance and is strong against bacteria. It also has patterns that mimic natural stone. But in high temperatures it is sensitive.

As you can see there are several alternatives for countertops in your restaurant or party place. In fact you can choose the one you like and is within your reach. But keep in mind the characteristics of each one and according to the use keep the best.

We have no competition because our prices are on offer !!! So nobody can improve it.

More services.

Service Areas

  • Oklahoma City
  • Tulsa
  • Lawton ...

Contact us now and take advantage of this great opportunity to fulfill your dreams !!!








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